A Grateful Alumnus

Craig Florence ’84 loved his years as an Austin College student, where he earned a degree in economics and was active in several academic and social organizations—even being selected as Outstanding Senior Man. 
As he went on to complete a law degree at Baylor University and begin a successful career, he understood that much of his development began at Austin College. “It’s commonplace to speak in terms of ‘colleges that change lives,’ but that’s exactly what Austin College did for me,” Craig said. “It was everything I needed at a time when I needed it the most. I was blessed to attend Austin College, and I’m blessed to continue that relationship more than 30 years later.” 
Today, he and his wife, Kristin, have two daughters and a busy family life as well as involvement in many community endeavors. While Craig regularly supports Austin College projects, his primary financial responsibility now is to his family.
Craig has found a way to express his lasting commitment to Austin College—through an estate gift of an IRA of which the Austin College Endowment is beneficiary. In that gift, too, he is thinking of his family as an IRA given to heirs is taxed much higher than other assets he may pass on. He can make this gift to the College and reserve other less-taxed gifts for family.  
Meanwhile, Craig continues to show his devotion to Austin College. A past member of the College’s Alumni Board and President’s Visiting Council, he now serves as a member of the College’s Board of Trustees. And, he continues to tell the story of the great beginning Austin College provided him and thousands of others.

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