“The Importance of a Strong Endowment” - Sam and Beth Highsmith

“We became members of the church in 1998. We are both ordained elders, have served on the session, and are both commissioned Stephen Ministers.

“Our first attraction to this congregation was the wonderful music program we found here. Over the years, we have come to deeply appreciate the inclusiveness of the church and our strong ministries in other areas such as education, pastoral care, youth programming, Stephen Ministry, and, of course, the preaching. We are blessed to have found this congregation of committed Christians.

“We have a background in charitable gift planning; therefore, we recognize the importance of a strong endowment to the future of our congregation and we have included the church in our estate planning.

“We have named Second Presbyterian as one of the beneficiaries of our Individual Retirement Account. Each of us has learned that IRA funds are among the best assets for charitable giving.”

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