Planned Giving

Planning Your Legacy

Do you have a passion to do something financially now to ensure that the church you love is able to present an ongoing witness to the God you know and love in Jesus Christ? If you feel called to do so, and have the means to do so, then I invite you to explore this Legacy link of our church's website. It will tell you of different means by which to make special gifts and bequests, and will also tell you about the different funds already in place. If you wonder which fund you might designate, consult your passion. If your passion is for the whole church, then entrust the session to place the funds where an opportunity or need is pressing for that time. If it is for a specific witness, then I invite you to watch this short presentation or to contact me, one of the other ministers, the church administrator or a member of the Legacy workgroup.

Together we are making an important witness to the Gospel. What a joy it is to believe that we can be a part of making a witness for generations in the future.

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